Educating the children of those who sacrificed all.

‘MC-LEF provides scholarships to the children of fallen United States Marines and Federal Law Enforcement Officers.

MC-LEF has awarded over $67 million in scholarships and assistance, and supported over 3,700 children since 1995.’

MC-LEF Mission

MC-LEF provides scholarships to the children of fallen United States Marines and Federal Law Enforcement Officers (FLEO).

Since our founding in 1995, MC-LEF has awarded over $70 million in scholarships and other humanitarian assistance, and supported over 3,800 children.

MC-LEF is sustained by a network of people who believe that the brave men and women who protect our country and our communities deserve to have their families protected as well. MC- LEF relies on the commitment of volunteers and generous donors across the country who organize events, provide financial support and recruit others to our cause.

Thanks to generous donors, MC-LEF is currently able to provide a $30,000 scholarship account for every child who loses a parent serving in the United State Marine Corps or any FLEO. In recent years, we have expanded our giving to provide medical equipment and financial support to catastrophically wounded Marines, as well as financial support for mentally or physically disabled children of active duty Marines for expenses not covered by government insurance. In the past, MC-LEF has also aided the children of other military personnel who perished in terrorist attacks, and supported the victims of extraordinary events that have impacted America.

MC-LEF is an approved IRS 501(c)3 organization that has been recognized for our excellence and efficiency by the Independent Charities of America. With only one paid employee, working only part-time, and a full network of over 65 volunteers, 98.4% of all donations to MC-LEF go directly to fund our mission.

Although MC-LEF is immensely proud of our work to date, there is still much to be done to support the families of America’s Marines and FLEO.

MC-LEF History

1995 – The Marine Corps – Law Enforcement Foundation (MC-LEF) is created. Former Assistant Director in Charge of the New York Office, FBI, James K. Kallstrom is named Chairman of the Board of MC-LEF. Pete Haas becomes the first President of the Foundation.

1995 – Oklahoma City Bombing – results in MC-LEF’s first distribution of 32 scholarships awarded totaling $260,300.00.

1996 – After just one year of fundraising, MC-LEF raises more than $400,000 and distributes 47 scholarships.

2000 – USS Cole Bombing- MC-LEF awarded in excess of $100,000.00 in scholarship support for the eligible children left behind from the attack

2001 – After the terrorist attacks of September 11, fundraising more than doubled, totaling $1.6 million, a million dollar increase over the previous year.

2003 – U.S. begins invasion of Iraq; MC-LEF raises and distributes over $11 million worth of scholarships to 402 recipients.

2006 – MC-LEF exceeds over $25 million in scholarships awarded throughout our history.

2011 – MC-LEF exceeds over $50 million in scholarships throughout our history.

2014 – Ed Boran is selected and becomes the second President of MC-LEF to replace retiring leader Pete Haas. Ed has been involved with MC-LEF since the FBI-USMC inception and has dedicated years of service to our cause and success.

2015 – MC-LEF exceeds over $67 million in scholarships and humanitarian aid.

2016 – MC-LEF exceeds over $70 million in scholarships and humanitarian aid.

Extraordinary Circumstances

… in which MC-LEF has extended support

Partners and Sponsors

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SERKET Racing is an organization based in Wellington, Florida, that races a Porsche GT3 Cup 911 in the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge USA by Yokohama – the largest single-make racing series in North America. Started by former Marine Mark Llano, and Randy Webb, the SERKET Racing team competes with the goal of raising awareness and assistance for those who have honorably served and sacrificed for our country: military veterans and their families. Veteran owned and operated, SERKET Racing is aware of the obstacles that veterans face upon their return home and teams with numerous local, state and national charities to develop and implement innovative programs to assist these veterans and their families in their time of need.

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