Value of Scholarships as of December 31, 2015

Benefit Year Benefits Awarded Benefits Value
1995 32 $260,300.
1996 47 $402,010.
1997 38 $350,855.
1998 135 $793,900.
1999 133 $863,637.
2000 96 $642,400.
2001 314 $1,657,600.
2002 168 $1,376,457.
2003 402 $11,019,283.
2004 216 $3,063,557.
2005 235 $3,653,564.
2006 172 $2,756.741.
2007 232 $4,973,189
2008 289 $6,723,085
2009 197 $4,370,942
2010 249 $5,735,328
2011 200 $4,791,911
2012 174 $4,153,077
2013 159 $3,967,874
2014 131 $3,155,192
2015 132 $2,954,142
TOTAL 3751 $67,885,044


Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What does MC-LEF do?

A) MC-LEF provides scholarships to the children of fallen United States Marines and United States Federal Law Enforcement Officers (FLEO). We have provided over $64 million in scholarships since our inception in 1995 affecting the lives of over 3,500 children.

Q) Who runs the foundation on a day-to-day basis?

A) The President of MC-LEF is Edmond J. Boran, a retired FBI agent as well as a former Company Commander in the Marine Corp Working part-time, MC-LEF’s Executive Director, Susan Boulhosa is the only employee and relies heavily on a network of volunteers across the country to organize events, provide financial support and to recruit others to our cause. Our highly qualified board of directors and officers receive no compensation for their services.

Q) How much assistance do you provide?

A) MC-LEF provides each of our recipients with a $30,000 Merrill Lynch Edge bank account, which is in their given name This account cannot be touched until the recipient turns 18 years of age.

Q) Does the rewarded money have to go toward the recipient’s college?

A) When recipients turn 18, the money is theirs to use. Although MC-LEF cannot force the recipients to use the money toward schooling, we strongly encourage them to advance their education or technical training, as their lost loved one would have envisioned.

Q) What is the criteria for MC-LEF’s giving?

A) MC-LEF gives to each and every child of fallen United States Marines and FLEO’ We also grant financial support to catastrophically wounded Marines in the form of medical equipment and/or humanitarian aid, as well as, financial support for mentally or physically disabled children of active duty United States Marines for medical needs not met by government insurance.

Q) What organizations does MC-LEF partner with?

A) MC-LEF has a close relationship with the Injured Semper Fi Fund, Segs4Vets, and the Gary Sinise Foundation.

Q) How can people help?

A) The generous support of individuals and corporations is the main reason for the growth of this Foundation. People can be a part of that growth by:

  • Donate via check or by credit card online on our website
  • Attend a Scholarship Gala in Atlantic City, Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia, San Diego or St. Louis
  • Play in a Scholarship Golf Tournament hosted in Atlantic City, NJ; Dover, NJ; Huntington, NY; Las Vegas, NV; North Haven, CT; and Scottsdale, AZ
  • Establish a Memorial Scholarship to remember a loved one
  • Recognize someone in your life who you admire by establishing an Honorary Scholarship
  • Donate stocks or assets
  • Recognize the Foundation in your will
  • Share your involvements with friends and colleagues via social media

Q) What goals does the Foundation have?

A)   As the Foundation grows, we hope to expand our mission to include granting scholarships to the children of local and state police who have lost their lives while on duty.

“Nearly 8 years ago, you awarded me with a scholarship for college.  At the time, I was a freshman in high school, and with everything my family was going through, did not take the time to truly appreciate it. On May 9th of this year I graduated from the University of Georgia, and believe me, there was no lack of appreciation.

My diploma belongs as much to you as it does to me. Thank you so much for honoring my father & giving me the opportunity you did. God bless”

Kaitlyn B.

MC-LEF 2014 Press Kit


Contact: Joseph Collins
River Communications

How Can I Help?

Any amount makes a difference! We depend on your help to continue our work. Please help us support the families of America’s Marines and Federal Law Enforcement Officers.

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